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Attack of the Fett's at the 10th Annual Super Megafest

on November 23, 2011 - 7:31pm

The 10th Annual Super Megafest featured two actors who have portrayed one of the GFFA's most iconic characters.  Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan, better known to fans as the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett, signed autographs at SMF on Saturday and Sunday.  Froggy Photos offered fans an opportunity to pose with the Fett's on Sunday afternoon for $50. 

I set my sights on Logan Saturday afternoon, hoping for a Clone Wars version of young Boba for him to sign as I already obtained his autograph as Boba from AOTC (New England Fan Experience, 2007).  Logan had several Clone Wars Fett pictures to choose from, I opted for one of just Boba and no additional characters for $25.  He gave me the ok to take his picture while he signed, but I didn't ask for another pose with him. 

I held off on Bulloch's autograph until Sunday.  I already had his autographs as Boba Fett (from his website) and as pilot Captain Colton from ROTS (Super Megafest 2007), so I was hoping he brought a shot of him as Imperial Officer Lt. Sheckil from ESB, which fortunately he did.  The photo also features Carrie Fisher, so I am hoping to take advangate of the current Offical Pix signing opportunity with Fisher ( and have her sign it as well.  Bulloch also gave me the ok to photograph him as he signed and posed with my daughter and I as his wife took our picture.  He was very kind to my daughter, joking with her as I paid my $25 for my photo.

This was my sixth Super Megafest and the event has a special place in my Star Wars autograph-collecting heart. It was the site of my first in-person Star Wars autograph with Billy Dee Williams in 2006.  It's also the one time of the year I'm just about guaranteed to see my roommates from CV who are from New Hampshire and members of the Fanforce group from Massachusetts, the Imperial Syndicate.  It's not too early to start looking forward to next year at  See you there!